What We Do

The Kudu Performance Initiative is uniquely designed to assess and measurably impact the decision-making skills of participating managers.

Our comprehensive offer of assessments, coaching, and training is aimed at high-potential middle managers who want to LEAD BETTER, FASTER.


The KUDU program is designed to teach managers to:

  • Navigate UNCERTAINTY


       (You can do something to change your decision biases)

  • Become a better LISTENER

  • Make better DECISIONS

Get Results

The program is

  • Based in RESEARCH, not just someone’s “good ideas”  

  • Proven to produce RESULTS in increased sales/revenue and employee engagement

  • Designed for TRAINING employees with potential (not for selection)


Why We Do It

Middle managers are uniquely positioned to touch all levels of the organization They are key drivers of team member engagement and implementers of executive strategic initiatives. Since the day-to-day decisions made by middle managers ripple through the entire organization, it’s especially important to develop their decision-making skills.


By elevating awareness of emotions and moods, we help managers gain control of how they respond to uncertainty and stress when making decisions.

Through our proprietary framework of Appropriate Confidence™ we ensure that high-potential middle managers achieve significant improvement in their ability to make decisions.

We offer a COMPLETE program that encompasses:

Our Philosophy

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